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How to get an embed code for site?

The easiest way to set a banner on your site is to use a banner embed code. In this case, you don't need to upload the banner's files on your site. You just need to get the code and to implement it in the site code.

You can get the embed code in two ways:
  • get it on the banners list page. Use a "get HTML5 code" point in the banner settings
  • when you edit the banner, you can get the code in the "Publish" menu, click on the "Copy HTML5 code" menu point


Then you'll see a settings form. Where you can set a banner type (animated or an image), should a banner be responsive (adapt to the container), what window it should open in (in current/self or in parent/blank).


When you set all the settings you need, copy the code.

Now the embed code is ready to be implemented in the site. Open a site page code, find the place and past the embed code there. Save changes. Clear site cache if you need.

Occasionally, banners don't load on some sites without a protocol. In those cases, you can add https: or http: (depends on your site protocol) to the banner URL.

If you want, you can check the banner code. How to do that you can read in the article Check a banner code.