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Check a banner code

Probably you want to check banner work in your site page before set the banner embed code in your site. You can do that in different ways. For example:
— on your web-server
— via html-file.

If you check the banner on your web-site, create a test page there and paste the embed code.

If you want to check the banner via html-file on your computer, there will be protocols conflict. The html-file has file:/// protocol. And the banner doesn't have a hard set protocol to be more flexible (it can be used on sites with SSL and without it).

That is why, when you check the banner in the local file, set the protocol http://hard to the embed code. Bellow you can see, how to do that

<script src="" async></script>

A simple content of the html-file:
    <title>Bannerboo banner test</title>
        <script src="" async></script>

You can copy it, open notepad, paste the code there and save file as banner.html.
Or paste it on the web-server page.

Don't forget to change the example embed code to your own.