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How to Upgrade Your Plan in BannerBoo

Upgrading your plan in BannerBoo is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to switch to a plan that better suits your needs: - Navigate to the Billing Page: - Log in to your BannerBoo account. - Click "Billing" in the left panel. - Select the Change Plan Option: - On the Billing page, locate the "Change Plan" button and click on it. This will take you to a block displaying all the available plans. - Choose Your Desired Plan: - Browse through the different plans to find the ...

Where to find your invoices

There are several ways to find invoices: — In your Inbox in emails related to your orders — in your Pay Pro Global account (access was sent with your first order) — — in your BannerBoo account at the Billing section —

How to cancel your subscription

When you subscribe to BannerBoo Premium Plan you get the letter about successful payment from PayPro Global (payment system we use). There is a piece of very important information in that letter – access to your Subscription Management cabinet. If you want to cancel the subscription, check your subscription or your payment info — you can do it here ( Find this letter in your inbox (or spam folder) and follow the link. Or you can cancel your subscript...