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How to edit and use text in banner ads

In this video, we explore the versatile text editing features in BannerBoo that help you create compelling banner ads. Text is a crucial element in any banner ad, and BannerBoo offers a variety of tools to customize it to fit your design perfectly.

Accessing and Adding Text

To start, navigate to the text menu located on the left panel. Here, you have the option to download any font you prefer or choose from a wide selection of pre-installed fonts. If the font you initially select doesn't quite fit your design, don't worry—you can easily replace it during the editing process.

To add text to your banner, simply click on your chosen font. This action places the text on your canvas, ready for customization. Clicking on the text in the canvas opens an extensive editing menu, allowing you to tailor the text to your needs.

Customizing Text Appearance

Once your text is on the canvas, you can resize the text area by dragging the control handles. This flexibility ensures your text fits perfectly within your design layout. In the text menu, you can also change the color of your text by selecting from the provided options or using the palette to create a custom color.

The next menu item lets you change the font and its style. You can adjust the font size from a drop-down menu or enter a specific size manually. Depending on the font family, you can alter the font thickness, add or remove slants (italics), apply emphasis (bold), and even capitalize all characters for a more striking look.

Aligning your text is simple—options to left-align, center, or right-align the text relative to its text box are readily available. Additionally, you can adjust the letter spacing to create more or less space between characters and modify the line height to change the spacing between lines of text.

Advanced Text Features

BannerBoo also allows you to manage the text layer within your design. You can move your text between different layers, ensuring it sits correctly relative to other design elements. To make your text interactive, you can add a clickable link.

For more control, you can lock the text layer to prevent accidental edits, hide it from view with the eye icon, or bring it back when needed. Duplication of text is also straightforward, and unwanted text can be easily deleted using the trash can icon.

An opacity parameter is available by clicking on the arrow in the menu, letting you adjust the transparency of your text to achieve various visual effects.

Using Text with Gradient Elements

For additional creativity, you can incorporate gradient elements found in the vector objects menu. Gradients are useful for adding text in boxes or creating buttons. After selecting a gradient element, you can customize it by double-clicking to enter your text. Here, you can adjust the text color, font, style, alignment, capitalization, thickness, and size.

To create a button effect, resize the gradient element and adjust the upper and lower indents using the line height parameter. This method produces a visually appealing button that enhances your banner's interactivity.

Combining Text with Other Elements

BannerBoo's flexibility allows you to combine text with various objects for unique effects. For instance, placing a gradient over text, with one color set to transparent, can create a layered effect that highlights key messages, like a big sale. By duplicating and layering these elements, you can achieve eye-catching designs that stand out.


Using BannerBoo’s text editing features, you can create dynamic and engaging banner ads. Whether you are adding simple text, creating interactive buttons, or designing intricate layered effects, the tools provided by BannerBoo make the process intuitive and efficient. Explore these features to enhance your banner ads and make them more effective and visually appealing.