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Mastering the Special Effects Library in BannerBoo

In this tutorial, we'll delve into the intricacies of utilizing the effects library within BannerBoo. This resource is a treasure trove of pre-animated objects, designed to effortlessly enhance your workspace.

Accessing the Effects Library:

To begin, navigate to the menu of vector elements. Look for the icon adorned with highlights or stars, which grants entry to the effects library.

Diverse Selection of Effects:

Within the library, you'll encounter a rich assortment of elements, including rain, snow, clouds, glare, lens effects, and more. These ready-made animations are readily available for incorporation into your designs.

Choosing an Effect:

For demonstration purposes, let's select a cloud. Instantly, you'll observe the cloud's gentle animation. Now, simply resize it to fit your vision.

Exploring Fog Variations:

The library offers a multitude of fog variations, providing you with a spectrum of options to elevate your banners.

Format Compatibility:

All effects within the library are crafted in SVG format, ensuring seamless integration with any advertising network.

Continuous Updates:

BannerBoo takes pride in regularly refreshing its effects library. If you don't find a specific effect you're looking for, don't hesitate to share your feedback in the comments section below this video or reach out to our support team. We'll be sure to include it in our next update.

Effects in Photos:

Witness how our effects can transform your photos, adding an extra layer of dynamism.

Effects in Ad Creatives:

Experience the impact of our effects within ad creatives. Specifically, we'll showcase their integration in the "Scroll Stoppers" format, a recent addition to our template selection.

Locating Scroll Stoppers:

Visit the template page, and within the Social Media templates section, you'll find the dynamic "Scroll Stoppers."


The effects library in BannerBoo is a versatile tool designed to infuse your designs with creativity and motion. With a continually expanding collection, you'll always have access to the latest visual enhancements for your projects.