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How can I upload a custom font?

Every time you design a banner of any size, you need great fonts to use and to make your text look as awesome as possible. This is what BannerBoo makes easy for you. With our service, you will find that the task of designing your advertisement copy so much easier since you can select from numerous fonts.

With BannerBoo, you can also use custom fonts. It’s simple: you can upload your fonts and start designing your creative banner ad. You just need to click on “T” icon on the left panel and click on "Upload my font (.ttf)" button.

Locate and select the desired TTF font in the dialogue box that appears. The image below illustrates how to upload your own fonts and use them.

Once you have uploaded the font, you can select its size, style, and style from the font's panel.

Feel free to submit your request if you have any questions.