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Add multiple link in the banner

The majority of banner ads have just one destination URL. However, what if you need to promote multiple offers, products, or contents? In most cases, you will create multiple ads and rotate them. But did you know you can create display ads with multiple slides or in a list format?

The following are step-by-step instructions on how to create your ad with multiple links.

  1. Click on Link icon on the object menu bar.
  2. Enter a URL to the field. Protocol like http:// or https:// is required to enter. Otherwise, the link won't work.
  3. If you need, change how the URL will be open — in a new tab, or window, or in the same.
  4. You can enter a general link as well, but in the demonstration we leave it empty.
  5. Save changes and export the banner as a ZIP, and you are done.