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How to add YouTube video to a banner

In this article, we will tell you how to add a YouTube video to a banner in BannerBoo.

To achieve this, go to the menu with video libraries and select the YouTube tab.

Click on the YouTube container icon in this tab to add it to the workspace.

To add our video, you need to go to the "video settings" tab from the drop-down menu.

In the first field, you can add a link to the video.

Pay attention to the link format!

You can also change the start time of the video.

You can also set auto video playback, video looping, enable/disable display of the YouTube logo, enable

Play sound on mouse hover, enable/disable the video control panel, and set the volume of the sound if necessary.

You can apply filters to both YouTube videos and regular videos and images. There you can change the hue, brightness, add blur and use other filters.

The ending of your video will match the ending time of your banner.

It should be noted that this banner is best viewed through the preview of the banner itself, and not through the editor preview, since YouTube is an external source.

And that's it, simple and easy!