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Unleashing the Power of Gradients

Making cool banners is fun when you know how to use special tools. One such tool is the gradient. In this article, we'll talk about gradients and how to use them in BannerBoo, a cool design tool. Let's explore step by step and make your banners stand out!

Adding a Gradient to Your Visual

To start, go to the menu and find the gradients option in BannerBoo. There, you'll see lots of cool designs. Pick one you like and click on it to add it to your canvas.

add gradient

Customizing the Gradient

After adding the gradient, click on it to change things. You can choose the type, adjust colors, and make it unique. Use the color palette to play with colors and make it just the way you want.

Customizing the Gradient

Fine-Tuning Details

Make your gradient even cooler by adding border around it, changing their thickness and colors. You can also add round corners to it and make it look fancy.

Fine-Tuning Details

Layer Management and Interactivity

Move your gradient around and make it do cool things. You can also add links, lock it in place, or change how transparent it is.

Creating Backgrounds with Gradients

Make your banner background light with a simple gradient or add more colors for a cool look. This is great for banners on the internet!

Radial Gradients for Emphasis and Vignettes

Try using special gradients to make things stand out or create cool effects. You can mix bright pictures with gradients for a cool look.

Repeating Gradients and Animations

Make your design interesting by repeating patterns or adding movements. It's like making your banner come alive!

Gradient Applications: Buttons and Text Backgrounds

Change your gradient into buttons by adding text and resizing it. You can also use gradients as backgrounds for your text. It's easy to do!

Transform gradients into versatile buttons


Using gradients in BannerBoo is like playing with colors. You can make cool backgrounds, highlight text, or create fun buttons. Try different things, have fun, and make your banners look awesome!