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How to use patterns in banner ads

In a recent YouTube video segment, we introduce the concept of using patterns in BannerBoo to create engaging and visually appealing banner ads. Here’s a detailed guide on the process discussed in the video:

Getting Started

  • Begin by setting the desired size for your banner. This is the first crucial step to ensure your design fits perfectly within the required dimensions.
  • Once the size is set, click the "Let's go!" button to proceed to the design workspace.

Adding Background and Patterns

Start by choosing and adding a background color for your banner. This will serve as the base for your design.

Navigate to the vector elements menu where you can find a variety of design elements, including patterns.

  • In the vector elements menu, go to the patterns section.
  • Select a pattern that fits your design theme and add it to the workspace.

Customizing the Pattern

If you want to change the pattern, simply click on a different pattern to replace the current one.

  • You can select and move the pattern by dragging it around the workspace.
  • To enlarge or shrink the pattern area evenly, hold the Shift key while resizing.

Use the Control key to create pattern images and combine similar patterns, allowing for more complex designs.

Enhancing the Pattern

Customize the colors of your patterns using the palette tool. This ensures that the pattern aligns with your brand colors and overall design theme.

The video demonstrates creating a lifestyle-themed banner using a pattern as the background, adding more elements to complement the theme.

Adding Text and Logos

Add text to your banner and apply a gradient effect using a small badge. The video references a previous segment on creating gradient effects.

Copy the gradient effect and make necessary changes to the text to ensure it stands out against the pattern background.

Use the icon library to add an improvised logo to your banner, enhancing its professional appearance.

Animating the Banner

Animate your banner by increasing the size of the logo on the timeline. This adds a dynamic element to your design.

Extend the pattern animation to 6 seconds to ensure it runs smoothly throughout the banner’s display duration.

Center your animated elements by setting the top and left parameters to 40 and choosing the "ease-in-out" option for easing.

Animating Text

  • Animate the text by setting the In and Out animations, adjusting parameters such as top and left, and choosing appropriate easing options.
  • Arrange the layers of text on the timeline to ensure a cohesive animation sequence.

Final Steps

After finalizing your design and animations, save your banner. Export it in the required format for use in your ad campaigns.


The video concludes with a reminder to subscribe to the channel for more tutorials and tips. By following these steps, you can effectively use patterns in BannerBoo to create eye-catching and professional banner ads.