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How to Use Clipping Masks in Banner Ads: A Guide with BannerBoo

Clipping masks are a powerful tool for creating dynamic and visually appealing banner ads. In this guide, we’ll explore how to effectively use clipping masks in BannerBoo to enhance your designs. Follow these steps to master the technique and create stunning banner ads.

Setting Up Your Banner

Start by setting the size of your banner. Once you’ve selected the appropriate dimensions, click "Let's Go."

Apply a background color to your banner to set the stage for your design.

Adding Images and Masks

  1. Insert an Image: Navigate to the image library and add a random image to your banner.
  2. Access Vector Elements and Masks: Go to the vector elements section to find masks. To add a mask to an image, simply drag it onto the image.
  3. Undo Actions: If needed, you can undo an action by pressing Ctrl + Z.

Working with Animated Masks

Use the search field in the mask library and type "Animated" to find all available animated masks.

Apply Animated Masks: Select an animated mask to see how it looks. Here are a few examples:

  • Glitch Mask: Copy the main image, center it, and add desired effects. Make sure the masked image is different from the main one. Manipulate the color and drag the mask onto the image.
  • Before-After Mask: Use two different images or modify the same image to create a before-after effect.
  • Highlighting Content: Move an image with a person onto the workspace. Apply a mask to highlight a specific area, useful for personal business services or training banners.

Custom Masks

You can create your custom masks using an SVG animator. Once created, upload your mask, choose an image, and drag the mask onto it.

Both static and animated custom masks can be used to enhance your designs.

Creating Special Effects

Sparkle Effect for Jewelry: Copy the main image, make it lighter and brighter, and center it. Add the mask to the top modified image to create a sparkle animation.

Use a before-after mask type to showcase different products. Add two different backgrounds, place the mask on top, and stretch the backgrounds on the timeline to 8 seconds. Lock the backgrounds for easier manipulation of other objects.

Adding Animation to Objects

  1. Animating Objects: Select objects like cocktails and add animations. For example, set Rotate Y to 90, Origin XY to 50, and Easing to Ease-In-Out. Adjust the parameters for the out animation similarly.
  2. Timeline Adjustments: Place objects at specific points in the timeline, shorten in and out animations, and arrange decorative elements accordingly. Duplicate and center objects as needed.
  3. Text Addition: Add text by selecting a font from the library. Write your text, customize its color, thickness, and size. Stretch the text layer on the timeline and remove unnecessary in and out animations.

Save Your Work: Don’t forget to save your banner by pressing Ctrl + S.

By following these steps, you can effectively use clipping masks in BannerBoo to create engaging and professional banner ads. Experiment with different masks and animations to make your designs stand out.

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