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Uploading Media in BannerBoo

BannerBoo provides a versatile platform where users can seamlessly upload a wide array of media types, ranging from bitmap images to animated elements, along with audio and video files. This article will elucidate the supported formats and guide you through the process of uploading your own assets.

Supported Formats:

  1. Images: The editor accommodates JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats for images.
  2. Illustrations: Vector illustrations in SVG format find a comfortable home in BannerBoo.
  3. Animated Elements: The editor supports animated objects in SVG, GIF, and APNG formats.
  4. Audio: MP3 format is the go-to for audio uploads.
  5. Video: Video files in MP4 format can be effortlessly integrated.

Uploading Your Files:

  1. Access the "Uploads" menu to initiate the file upload process.
  2. Within this menu, users can import Photoshop projects, upload files, and peruse a library of previously uploaded objects.

Optimizing SVG Files:

For seamless display of SVG files exported from Adobe Illustrator, ensure that CSS properties are specified with the "presentation attributes" option.

Adding Custom Objects:

To introduce your unique assets, simply click on the “Upload your own assets” button and select the desired file from the window.

Integration into Banner Design:

Once a file is added to the object library, it becomes available for inclusion in your banner design.

Importing Photoshop Projects:

  1. Rasterize all layers within the Photoshop project before importing. This involves selecting all layers, right-clicking, and opting for "rasterize layers" from the pop-up menu.
  2. Save the project.
  3. Click on "import from PSD" and select your project. This action will seamlessly add all images to the workspace and downloads library.

Layer Arrangement:

In BannerBoo, the layer arrangement on the timeline mirrors the arrangement of layers in the original Photoshop project. This intuitive feature simplifies the design process.


BannerBoo's robust media upload capabilities empower users to infuse their projects with a diverse range of visual and auditory elements. By adhering to the recommended formats and following the outlined steps, you can unlock the full potential of this dynamic editing platform.