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How to Add Team Members to Your BannerBoo Workspace

Adding team members to your BannerBoo workspace is a crucial step in collaborative design work. This article will guide you through the process, ensuring seamless integration for enhanced productivity.

Creating or Joining a Workspace:

Each user has their own dedicated workspace, known as "my workspace," to uphold privacy. To invite others, you'll need to either establish a new workspace or become a member of an existing one. For our demonstration, we'll be using a workspace named "Google."

Accessing User Management:

Initiate the process by clicking on the settings icon located in the upper-right corner. From the dropdown menu, select "users" to proceed.

Roles and Permissions:

In the user management section, you'll find a list of all users along with their respective roles. To invite a new user, click on the "invite user" button.

Selecting Roles:

A new window will pop up, enabling you to input the email address of the individual you wish to invite. Additionally, you'll need to assign a role from the following options:

  1. Designer: Capable of creating, editing, deleting, and exporting folders and banners.
  2. Viewer: Limited to viewing folders and banners.
  3. Manager: Authorized to add, edit, and delete folders and banners, invite and remove team members, and assign or modify roles.
  4. Administrator: Holds complete control, encompassing the ability to manage workspaces, folders, banners, as well as inviting or removing team members and role assignment.

Sending Invitations:

Once the appropriate role is selected, enter the email address of the new team member and click the invite button.

Tracking Invitations:

Monitor all pending invitations in the "Invited users" section.

Accepting Invitations:

Upon receiving an email invitation, the new team member will need to follow the provided link to accept and join the workspace.


By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate new team members into your BannerBoo workspace. This collaborative approach fosters enhanced productivity and creativity within your design projects.