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How the AI Banner Generator Works in BannerBoo

Enter Keywords

  • The most important and mandatory field is the "keywords" field. Enter a few words that describe your ad campaign and specify what kind of marketing texts and images you want. For example, "Summer sale for beachwear" or "New smartphone launch".

Fill Additional Fields

  • Title: If you fill in the "Header" field, this text will be included in all banner variations.
  • Other Text Fields: Similarly, any text you enter in other fields will be used across all banners.
  • Product Images: If you upload a product photo in the "Image" field, this image will appear on all banners. If "AI mode" is enabled, this image will serve as a basis for generating AI images (note: this feature is currently unavailable).
  • Brand Elements: You can also upload your company logo, select brand colors, and choose a brand font to ensure consistency with your brand identity.

AI Mode and Image Generation

  • If "AI mode" is enabled and the request to generate AI pictures is successful, AI-generated images will be used in your banners.
  • If the AI picture generation fails, stock images will be used instead.

Image Management

  • Both generated and stock images are added to your uploaded images library and can be used later in the banner editor.
  • All stock and AI-generated images come with commercial licenses, ensuring they're safe to use in your campaigns.

Editing and Exporting Banners

  • Each banner variation created by the AI Banner Generator is available for further customization in the banner editor.
  • You can then export the banners in different formats suitable for various ad networks.

Credit Charging Details

BannerBoo charges credits based on the type of image generation and mode used:

  • 5 Credits: For generating banners without using AI images.
  • 10 Credits: For generating banners with AI-generated images.
  • 15 Credits: For generating banners with AI images based on your uploaded image.
  • 20 Credits: For generating banners in Creative mode.
  • 25 Credits: For generating banners with AI images based on your uploaded image in Creative mode.


By following these steps, you can efficiently use the AI Banner Generator to create professional, branded banners for your ad campaigns. Be mindful of the credits required for different generation modes to manage your resources effectively.