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How To Create Custom Animation in BannerBoo

Do you know BannerBoo has a Custom animation feature that can be applied to the animation-in and animation-out sections of a layer on the editor's timeline? Simply click on one of the areas and choose the custom parameter from the drop-down menu. A window with the settings for your animation will appear. The 'Easing' parameter determines the type of animation, or rather, the speed and smoothness of the animation. As its name implies, the 'Opacity' parameter determines the degree...

How to loop ads or play them once / twice

Occasionally, you may require that banner ads continue playing as long as they are open. This is easy to do. Just loop your ads. Looping of ads means that they keep playing as long as you do not click the close button. The looping property can be set in the banners during ad creation and is available in the banner editor. It is possible to choose how many times the ad should play. You can set it to “play once”, “twice”, “play four times”, or “play always”. If you choose to “play always” option...

How to use Smart animation

In the ad builder, there is a Smart Animation option. There are presets that automatically animate banners. Find out more about this feature in the video below.

Making a falling effect for your creative

Watch this video to learn how to create a falling effect