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How to Animate Still Images Online with Photopea and BannerBoo

In today's tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of bringing static images to life using the powerful combination of Photopea and BannerBoo. This dynamic duo allows you to create engaging animations that captivate your audience. Let's dive in!

Creating Layers with Photopea:

To begin, we'll utilize Photopea, a free online image editor. We'll start by duplicating our image onto a new layer. Simply press Ctrl+J on your keyboard. This action ensures we have the flexibility to make adjustments while preserving the original.

Fine-tuning with Hue Saturation:

Next, we'll open the Hue Saturation menu by pressing Ctrl+U. This tool empowers us to play with saturation, brightness, and hue, allowing for precise adjustments to specific colors within our image. For example, we'll focus on enhancing the vibrancy of the red tones.

Selective Area Highlighting:

To efficiently select specific areas, it's beneficial to darken the regions of interest. In our case, red hues are prevalent in both the landscape and the sky. By intensifying the contrast of these areas, we streamline the selection process.

Detailed Selections with Color Range:

The Object Selection tool comes into play for finer selections. Right-click on the image and select Color Range. This tool highlights the selected area in white, providing a visual confirmation of our choice. Adjusting the shader fine-tunes the depth of our selection.

Precision with Pen Selection:

For intricate selections, especially around objects, the Pen Selection tool proves invaluable. This precise tool allows us to create detailed outlines, ensuring accurate separations within the image.

Layer Management:

With our selections complete, we proceed to separate the various elements of our composition. Using Ctrl+J, we duplicate the layer. In this process, it's essential to refine the selections, ensuring each layer represents the desired elements accurately.

Refining with Content-Aware Fill:

Content-Aware Fill is a powerful tool to replace selected areas. By using Shift+F5, we activate this feature. In the dialog box, choose Content Aware and click OK. This tool intelligently fills the selected area, seamlessly blending it with the surroundings.

Perfecting with Patch Tool:

In cases where Content-Aware Fill may leave some imperfections, the Patch Tool is a handy alternative. This tool enables us to select and replace areas, ensuring a flawless result.

Animating with BannerBoo:

With our refined layers ready, we import them into BannerBoo. Each layer's animation parameters can be adjusted to create captivating motion effects.

Creating Engaging Animations:

Positioning layers with a slight margin outside the workspace is crucial for crafting engaging animations. Adjusting the duration of each layer and experimenting with animation parameters allows for a dynamic and visually appealing composition.


By combining the strengths of Photopea and BannerBoo, you can transform static images into dynamic, eye-catching animations. This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to the process, empowering you to unleash your creativity and captivate your audience. Happy animating!