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BannerBoo Updates – Gradients, Masks, Color Palettes, Photo and Video Filters

Take a look at BannerBoo's latest features and updates! Here are some key highlights:
 In the main settings panel, you can change the background inversion, create a grid, and add a YouTube grid.

In the object panel, you can find the gradients and masks.

The "Gradient Library" allows you to select a gradient to work with. You can also edit the gradient by clicking on it.

 The “Background and gradient” icon allows you to edit the gradient's degree and type.

It is possible to edit the gradient points and to add new ones if needed. Using the palette, you can edit the gradient's color. Simply click on the gradient's color line and the palette appears.

The "Mask library" includes animated masks and a selection of masks for you to choose from.

The masks need to be applied to a photo. Drag the mask onto the photo to add it. The mask can be replaced the same way. Resize the image within the mask by dragging one of the controls. If you want to scale uniformly, you need to hold Shift. Masks also work on video. Both the application and editing mechanisms remain the same.

There's also a new “Palette” option that offers a variety of palettes. When you select one color, all vector elements, text or background adjust to it. 

Several clicks on the same palette will result in different color variations. You can also change the color variations in vector animations using these palettes.
The "Filter" feature allows editing of photos as well as raster objects. The parameters editable include brightness, contrast, saturation, sepia, tone, opacity, color inversion, and blur.

The program includes pre-selected filter settings as well as an option to add a shadow to your image. You can adjust its blur, opacity, and X-Y-positioning. You can also choose any color.

In addition, these filters are good for video.

Stay tuned for more BannerBoo updates. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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